Who We Are

Located in the heart of Faridabad, Ashok fabrication is indeed a highly valued entity in the world of steel fabrication. We are proud to state that we have been enjoying a lofty status in this bandwagon because of the high standard of productivity that we maintain. We house a very strong team of professionals who would be capable of dealing with domestic as well as international kinds of requirements.

Our teams of professionals are well aware of modeling as well as designing activities. Apart from these two quintessential aspects of fabrication we are also quite skilled at the installation part as well. We have been able to garner a significant range of fame and glory in the field of steel fabrication by dint of our unprecedented and unbeatable upholstery. We have always showcased fabrication work which is nothing less than the best.

Because of the quality and sincerity that we choose to maintain in our work we have always been the number one choice for our clients. Our world class products and services have always been the first and foremost choice of suppliers, contractors, manufacturers as well as exporters.

We do hope that you are going to find the joy ride with Ashok fabrication a worthwhile experience of a lifetime. Be it welding or be it machining we always come to serve our functions to the best of our capacities. It is our utmost endeavor that steel fabrication work catered by us meet all the requirements of structural engineering. This is the reason why we are still in the front row of the competition.